The Asheville Clock by Stickley

Stickley Toronto’s Truckload Sale- Creating Memories A big thank you to Stickley Toronto and sister store, Manderley Manor, for a wonderful morning of memories of yesterdays and the promise of memories for tomorrow. I headed out Friday morning to shop at Stickley Toronto’s Truckload Sale featuring contemporary creations of Gustav Stickley’s Mission furniture and other… View Article

The 2010 Stickley Collector’s Piece Harvey Ellis Music Cabinet

Each year L.& J.G. Stickley present a collector piece for sale in limited quantities for that year only. For 2010, that collector’s piece is The Harvey Ellis Music Cabinet! Read about the history of the original and how to reserve your collector piece before these limited editions are gone forever.

Looking for Heirloom Quality Furniture with High Style?

Stickley Furniture Delivers! When you walk into a room furnished with high quality pieces, you can feel the difference. The look, the construction, the style – it all comes together to create a comfortable environment that invites you to come on in, put your feet up, relax, and stay a while. Shopping for quality furniture… View Article

Helpful advice

The word is out – the 2010 Maison et Object decor expo in Paris featured furniture from luxe to homespun in Classic Style. Nothing is more Classic than Stickley. Our experienced design and decorating staff can help you interpret Stickley’s upholstery classic designs to match any decor. Quality furniture frames for today and for the… View Article

Passion at the Stickley Furniture Road Show

Passion is contagious. And, passion is the emotion ingrained in Stickley furniture by its founders, its modern makers and distributors and the owners of Stickley furniture pieces. In the 21st century world of flat pack, big box furniture and disposability, passion has gone by the wayside for many household items and that makes the shared… View Article

A chair you can’t get out of?

At Manderley Manor our customers become our friends. On a recent weekend one of our friends stopped in and told us about his buddy, Sid. There was some great golf on TV and Jeff (our customer) wanted to share the game with Sid. When he called him up Sid excitedly said, “I want to tell you about… View Article

Looking for images of furniture?

Instead of duplicating the catalogues of our suppliers we offer you links to their websites. Once you’ve been introduced to the special offers and events at Manderley Manor, please use these links to view the complete product offerings of quality furniture by Stickley and Henkel Harris.

Stickley Bookcases

Flanking a fireplace with a pair of Stickley Mission bookcases is a rich, warm solution to fill these spaces. Stickley has two small glass-door bookcases that meet James’ requirements: Model #633 and #645 are the right sizes at 55″H and 12″D. 643 bookcase

Little ol Lady in Pasadena

So where does a Stickley salesperson go when visiting southern California? Why Pasadena, of course. Last month I had the opportunity to visit Pasadena’s Bungalow Heaven Landmark District. It gained its name because of the great number and rich variety of early 20th Century homes that still exist there. The neighborhood is anchored by the… View Article

Paint Recipe: How To Paint Antique Furniture The Green Way

Antique furniture is over 100-years old and antiques should never be painted before a qualified antique dealer has given an appraisal. Whenever somebody refinishes the surface of an antique piece of furniture, this person is making permanent changes that alter the original condition of the piece. The original condition of the furniture will be gone… View Article