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Exclusive Elegance & Comfort for Downsizers.

Living in a non-spacious home doesn’t mean you have to compromise on comfort, elegance, and satisfaction. Ideally, it’s a chance to recreate or invent a new style for your living space. We are a reputed condo-size furniture store in Toronto and offer solutions that range from contemporary, traditional, exotic, and rustic to anything in-between or beyond. With our long-held craftsmanship, we craft a range of custom-made condo furniture with the finest material, lustrous finishes, and upholstery.

Each solution is designed with the highest quality standards in mind to ensure utmost comfort, durability, and sustainability. Beautifully designed to showcase power, personality, and preference, our luxury condo furniture pieces will bring the best out of your home. We offer top-notch furniture solutions that provide exceptional value for every space and style. Bright, dark, sophisticated or minimalistic, we meet every crave with utmost skinship and craftsmanship. We are a top destination for custom-made space-saving furniture and a leader among the condo Furniture Stores in Toronto for a personalized service. Find undeniable options for the right ambiance in your home.

Luxury Condo Size Furniture


Sophisticated Spaces

An interior ensemble for a custom-made space with undeniable breathability. Meticulously crafted for a perfect accent and long-lasting comfort in your living space.


Designer Solutions

The best leather furniture to turn non-spacious spaces into spacious rooms. Curl, stretch, relax, or take a nap at any time, but the designer sofa is meant to last.



And a space saver to transform your living space without a glitch on comfort, durability, and sustainability. A balance of style and coziness to reflect your persona without wording.


Essential Style

Warm spaces, inviting in nature, and satisfying to the soul! All contemporary and modern furniture choices for your taste. Customize any choice from a range of colors and fabrics.


Beautifully Designed Custom-made Condo Furniture

Live your way with the best apartment-sized furniture options crafted with utmost craftsman skills. We offer custom-made furnishings that suit any style, taste, and living space. The innovative furniture designs display a creative feature with a fabulous finishing depending on the item.

Create the Ambience – Leverage the power of art to create the ambience you desire in a room. Warm, cool or inviting, we craft every preference, for the atmosphere you wish to bring to your living space.

Custom-made Solutions – Innovatively handcrafted furniture made as per your wish. Ready to move-in solutions that will serve generations without a compromise on beauty, comfort and style.

Customer Satisfaction – We ensure to deliver quality furniture pieces to help you bring the best out of your home. We are a leading Condo-size Furniture Toronto store, you can entrust with your unique furniture needs.

Beautifully Designed Custom-made Condo Furniture

One-Stop Furniture

Find all the world-class furniture solutions here. We display a collection to serve all your needs at the best rate ever!

Layer 21


Let us help you with repairing and restoring services to provide new life to your favourite classic pieces.



What’s your taste or preference? Texted neutrals, rustic, or a simple design, we craft as per your choice.


5-Star Customer

Your satisfaction is our priority, and right from day one, we take you through an incredible journey of securing an ideal design for your home.

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