Stickley Oak Mission furniture spans more than a century with skillfully handcrafted designs that have endured because of their value and impeccable quality.

Oak Mission furniture is designed to be beautiful – the organic quarter-sawn white oak with hand-rubbed finish – speaks for itself. But at the same time, it’s built to last, and become a treasured heirloom passed down from generation to generation.

While celebrating the past, the Oak Mission furniture found at Manderley Manor is also created for the way families want to live today.

This is not formal furniture, meant to be displayed in a formal parlor, and used only on special occasions – instead, it’s built to be used, loved and enjoyed. Thanks to the Stickley brothers, Gustav and Leopold, Oak “Mission’ furniture became one of the first true ‘American’ styles during the industrial age.  It quickly gained worldwide prominence and is valued by collectors as well as those who wants the finest furnishing without the gaudiness or ornamentation that distracts from the beauty of each piece of true Oak Mission furniture.

Als Ik Kan – “to the best of my ability” – has always been Stickley’s guiding principle. The old Flemish craftsman’s phrase, by painter Jan Van Eyck, was marked right on the product in its early years, to assure customers that every piece of Stickley Oak Mission furniture was made with skill, determination, and integrity.

Oak Mission Furniture is part of the ‘Arts and Crafts’ movement and is characterized by its sturdy, straightforward construction, using the natural beauty of the raw materials such as quarter-sawn oak, hand-rubbed finishes, carefully balanced proportions with artistic architectural design and careful attention to detail.

Today you can find Oak Mission furniture for every room of the house – and in the best decorated offices, as well.

Here are two excellent examples of the Oak Mission Furniture styles you can find at Manderley Manor in Toronto:

The Spindle Morris Chair with loose cushion. This chair comes in your choice of fabrics and colors.  H 39 W28 ½ D37 ½

Footstool H5 W12 ½ D 12 ½

The Spindle Morris Chair – part of the Oak Mission furniture “Classics Collection”
this chair was the grandfather of the modern recliner. The original was designed in 1912 by Gustav Stickley. This chair from Stickley’s classics collection is virtually identical to the original. It offers wide canted arms for the most comfort, has an adjustable back, , curved horizontal back slats, and narrow spindles.  It also includes the typical quadralinear post construction, and corbel and through tenons for beauty and durability.

It’s important to mention that quadralinear posts are not simply veneers, as are so often found in cheaper and less durable pieces of furniture today.

All of the large chairs and tables in Stickley’s Oak Mission furniture are built from four pieces of solid oak, with a tiny core.  The pieces are so tightly welded together that it won’t crack, and is, in fact, it almost indestructible. And of course, the real beauty of the quarter-sawn oak is revealed through in the fine ray flake that can be seen from all sides.

The Spindle Settle, Spindle Love Seat and Spindle Cube Chair
are each a dramatic blending of both Arts & Crafts and International styles.  The end result is a beautiful and elegant Oak Mission style that fits in with any decor.  The originals were designed by Gustav Stickley between 1905 to 1907.

Spindle Love Seat (with or without loose cushions) H29 W59 D32
Spindle Settle (with or without loose cushions) H29 W76 D32
Spindle Cube Chair with or without loose seat cushion) H29 W26 ½ D29

We invite you to check out our dining and bedroom sets as well as living room pieces of Oak Mission furniture.