Manderley Fine Furniture’s Jim Sublett has been selling Stickley furniture for over 30 years, and has come to appreciate the myriad small details that go into making furniture that lasts. In this video, Jim walks us through just a few of the features that make Stickley furniture worth the money. If you want a bed that will last, and not be creaky and old before its time, you should check out Stickley at Manderley Fine Furniture.

Have you ever walked through a Mega Mart and wondered how it is that they can make stuff so cheaply? Simply, it isn’t designed, or built, to last. When you spend money on a quality item, whether it’s a handbag, a new sweater, or a sofa, you’re not just paying for the commodity itself, you’re paying for years of expertise and passion for design that translates into better utility and a much better ownership experience.

At Manderley Fine Furniture, we’ve always believed that quality matters, and that buying a good thing once is a much better approach than buying a cheap thing many times. When a local filmmaker approached us asking if we would be interested in sponsoring a documentary that looks at the idea of craftwork as a better way forward, we jumped at the chance.

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