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Irish woolen blankets and throws comfort the chilly evenings. Manderley presents you with the finest collection of blankets & throws by renowned brands in the market.

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Irish Woolen Blankets, Throws & Scarves

Have a cozy atmosphere at home with the 100% super-soft and delicate Irish woollen blankets, throws and scarves at Manderley Fine Furniture. Our Irish range is suitable for cuddling or giving it as gifts. Embodied from fabrics like Lambswool and Mohair, our Irish woollen blankets, throws, and scarves will stay in shape for an extended period. Choose among the desirable sizes and beautiful styles of Irish woollen blankets, throws and scarves. We have the ideal shades for your home, whether it’s bright, medium, or dark. Our collection of Irish scarves, throws, and blankets has something for everyone. Drape them over your shoulders or the sofa arm for a dou-ble dose of style and warmth. You are deserving of authentic Irish throws and blankets. We bring you the epitome of comfort and luxury in Irish wool throw. It is a significant investment. Having an Irish wool blanket in your presence lets you save energy by turning down the thermo-stat. Also, as wool is flame retardant, it is safe to have them around stoves & open fires. We are happy to offer a guarantee on the Irish Woolen blankets, throws and scarves. The products are uniquely crafted and give a finish that delights the body & soul.


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Picture yourself up in the soft, luxurious Irish blanket from head to toe. It offers unparalleled comfort and style. The Irish Woolen blankets, shawls, and scarves are woven from high-quality yarn and are rich in colour and texture, giving elegance to any room. They are considered acces-sories that complement any home decor. Manderley Fine Furniture can help you get through the wildest winters with our collection of Irish woollen blankets, throws and scarves. We have all the assorted sizes meant for you and your family. Get the real deal of Irish-made scarves from us. It’ll last down to your children and grandchildren, who may find it as treasure. So to say, woollen blankets, throws and scarves are a must for every home.

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