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Contemporary Furniture, Undeniable Elegance

An ensemble that speaks volume, a timeless design to be envied for generations and a piece that brings life to a living space! Furniture choices can make a difference in any room, be it an office. Here, we bring you the highest quality and most delicate furniture designs that complete spaces aesthetically. Whether you require a contemporary piece with a bit of sophistication and glamour, our craftsmanship seamlessly blends every aspect to meet your taste.

Designed for durability, sustainability, absolute comfort, and attention to detail, you will offer livability in every space. Our Office Furniture in Toronto caters to handmade collections solidly constructed, coupled with innovative designs, and highly fashionable for modern spaces. Nevertheless, completed with elegant upholstery and radiant finishes. If you’re searching for the best Office Furniture Stores in Toronto, consider our store for a neatly crafted office table, chairs, or benches. From traditional, contemporary, to rustic furniture designs, we display the highest standards of craftsmanship to complement your taste, lifestyle, preference, and expectations.

Office Furniture


Two Drawer File Unit, Mission Collection – Stickley Dealer Network

A ready-Made drawer in solid oak with two units, a perfect representation of Stickley craftsmanship. 100% durable, high-quality furniture for any space.


Swivel Tilt Desk Chair, Metropolitan Collection – Stickley Dealer Network

Not metallic, but a wooden solid cherry chair with a tilt-swivel mechanism. Completely adjustable, elegant, and a must-have for an office space.


2021 Collector Edition Harvey Ellis Console Desk, Mission Collection – Stickley Dealer Network

Finely constructed with designer edges and a royal embellishment on the side panels. Downright spacious for a variety of activities and guarantees productivity.


Desk Units, Mission Collection – Stickley Dealer Network

A spacious desk unit with utmost sophistication and elegance. A workspace that is creatively crafted for professional endeavors. It’s an elegant ensemble for an outstanding home office.

Tranquillity & Livability in Every Space

Elegant, inviting, and artistically designed for your taste and lifestyle. The tangible symbol of coziness to lift the world off your shoulders and enter into a haven. Offer a new format to your space with construction and upholstery that firmly fits.

Timeless Designs – Signature furniture constructions of maples, oak or cherry with a steady makeup that perfectly holds you firmly and optimizes comfort. Offer your office or home a piece that harmonizes everybody.

Finest Upholstery – Complete your space with the most beautiful upholstery that showcases exceptional value in every piece. Meticulously crafted for a custom look and gesture without compromising on comfort and durability.

Personalized Comfort – It’s your space, and it’s absolutely the coziness you want in it. Whether with leather or upholstery, each piece is skillfully designed to cuddle you for ages.

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One-Stop Furniture

Find all the world-class furniture solutions here. We display a collection to serve all your needs at the best rate ever!

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Let us help you with repairing and restoring services to provide new life to your favourite classic pieces.



What’s your taste or preference? Texted neutrals, rustic, or a simple design, we craft as per your choice.


5-Star Customer

Your satisfaction is our priority, and right from day one, we take you through an incredible journey of securing an ideal design for your home.

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