“From the earliest dawn of history, artists and creative workers have identified the works of their hands and brains by some distinctive symbol or signature. These marks have come to be a sign of genuine value, a guarantee of authenticity, a certificate of craftsmanship recognized by the collector and neophyte alike.”
Leopold Stickley

Stickley Furniture makes a promise – that their furniture is ‘styled for the way you live ‘. And they’ve kept that promise for the last 110 years.

Collectors of Stickley furniture appreciate the exceptional craftsmanship and unparalleled quality that goes into every piece of furniture – including their leather and upholstered pieces.

With over 1200 different fabrics to choose from, as well as the finest leathers and sophisticated, modern designs that both respect and cherish the Stickley Tradition, most of the real work and craftsmanship of the pieces of Stickley upholstered furniture are hidden beneath the surface – and not visible to the eye.

But that’s exactly what makes owners so proud of the Stickley furniture in their homes, and it’s not at all unusual for someone to talk about how their couch has been ‘engineered for comfort’ by combining the elements of frame height, depth and pitch with the perfect spring base, along with the best in foam and cushion technologies.

If you’re shopping for a piece of fine upholstered furniture that will become a part of your family’s life and a treasured heirloom, here are some of the differences that the artisans at Stickley still provide in each piece of upholstered furniture they make:

  • Each spring is secured with 8 separate hand-tied knots of high-quality tying twine – not the simple loops used so often today as a way of cutting cost and manufacturing time.
  • Fully lined and metered skirts – which means the fabric always falls cleanly and lies straight and you’ll never see staples, ragged edges or cardboard – so what’s underneath is just as beautiful as what you see on top of every Stickley upholstered couch and chair.
  • Every Stickley skirt panel is individually matched – so the pattern matches seamlessly and the back looks as good as the front. As you can imagine, this is a quality control step which takes a lot more time than most furniture manufacturers are willing to put into the process in today’s mass produced factories.
  • All fabric is “Center“or “Flow Matched”. If you’ve ever seen a piece of furniture where the motif or design of the fabric didn’t match up exactly with the next cushion, skirt or across the back, you understand the importance of ‘center matching’. ‘Flow matching’ is a tedious process, but one that insures that the design of every piece of Stickley upholstered fabric flows seamlessly both horizontally and vertically across the cushions, skirts and main frame – and is therefore displayed the way it was originally intended.