Stickley Toronto’s Truckload Sale- Creating Memories

A big thank you to Stickley Toronto and sister store, Manderley Manor, for a wonderful morning of memories of yesterdays and the promise of memories for tomorrow. I headed out Friday morning to shop at Stickley Toronto’s Truckload Sale featuring contemporary creations of Gustav Stickley’s Mission furniture and other arts and craft movement furniture designs.

One significant piece grabbed my attention immediately standing as it did in pride of place at the entrance- the Asheville Clock. Fondly I remembered the long-case or grandfather clock at my own grandparents’ home that marked the days of our lives with its low ticking and regular chime, one bong lunch, eight called out time for bed, and on Christmas morning, seven was the magic number of chimes before we were permitted to leave our beds and come downstairs for presents. Thank you for transporting me to earlier days and warm family memories.

Creating memories is what the beautiful furniture Stickley manufactures can do and the Asheville Clock is an excellent example! The Asheville Clock has everything, a fun history, its unique quirky details, and the craftsmanship, usefulness and beauty that make for a family heirloom and antique of tomorrow. Stickley’s Asheville Clock is derived from the legendary Roycroft towering floor clock that stands at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina. The clock features many of the signature elements of mission furniture or arts and crafts movement design including solid quarter sawn white oak, a hand hammered copper face, and pinned or keyed mortise and tenon joinery. And its promised quirk- rather than using the Roman numeral IV, the Stickley Asheville Clock features the earlier practice using IIII preferred by the original designer Elbert Hubbard of the Roycrofters.

The Asheville Clock is only one example of a Stickley arts and crafts movement furniture item; to make a statement in your home or place of business and become a treasured part of your family and personal history. Come by and see what grabs your own heart and imagination at the Stickley Truckload Sale or the two stores, Stickley Toronto and Manderley Manor.