Two years ago, just before Christmas, we decided we wanted to purchase a lovely Stickley storage bench. We went into the Stickley store and we talked to Jim and we said, “You know, we want to get this bench, we’d love it if we could get it before Christmas.” He didn’t have one in the store, so he contacted the factory and they didn’t have one made in the style and colour that we wanted. So we went away assuming that we were going to get this new bench in the New Year – and to our great surprise and delight, we got a phone call about three days before Christmas, and it was Jim saying that the bench was ready, and when could we take delivery of it. So, for me this was an example of the outstanding degree of service and care that we received from our friends at Stickley, and we’re absolutely delighted.

I bought a Stickley bed, tall post, queen-sized bed of the traditional style, and it’s wonderful. I’m here (Manderley manor home of Stickley) to see if I can find a bedside table, and possibly a chest of drawers to go with it.

Q: What do you think and what do you feel about the service that you are receiving from Manderley Manor?
A: It is Excellent.

Q: Would you recommend them to your family and friends?

A: I certainly would, and in fact, I have recommended Stickley furniture

We love our Stickley furniture and the truck sale is a good chance to see pieces we wouldn’t normally see in the store, and of course, get a great deal. Buying from Jim and Ilona is almost like buying from friends, they’re such personable people and the service is great. Well, there’s just no other choice for us.

I’m a renovation contractor in London, Ontario, and a lot of what we like to do is the Arts and Crafts Style, changing homes to an Arts and Crafts Style. People are not really aware of it, people like it when they see it, but they don’t really know what it’s all about until they actually get an opportunity to experience it. And living in a couple of Arts and Crafts homes, prior to the home that we are in now.

We have now renovated a 1923 home, and it’s made in 1923 Arts and Crafts style, so we’ve changed everything to make it Arts and Crafts. Now with that, has to come furniture. So we have now got seven pieces of Stickley furniture that we have purchased new for our home. It just absolutely fits perfectly in an Arts and Crafts style.

Manderley Manor has been great; as far as dealing with them they’ve been very accommodating, they remember us when we come back here, which I’m really quite amazed. The product is just what we’re looking for, it’s consistent. Being a contractor, I have a lot of clients; I have sent people to Manderley Manor in order to purchase furniture for their own home. People are always looking for that unique item, and they at Manderley Manor do have it, yet it’s also very classic – it’s something that will never go out of style. And that’s what I’m always trying to promote for my clients: purchase the things that are more Period that you’ll always be able to use.

Well, we had a phone call from a lovely young woman who told us about this sale and this is our second year at the sale, so we just like to add to our collection a little bit every year. The staff here is very friendly; they always remember us when we walk in the store. One time when one of the gentlemen delivered to our home, he actually helped us move something in our house that wasn’t even something that we purchased but he just offered to help us anyway.

I’ve purchased a number of pieces of Stickley furniture through Manderley Manor. It has been wonderful— they’re very accommodating, anything you need they have it, they’ve moved pieces around, they’ve delivered, and set pieces up for us.