Once you’ve purchased high quality, resilient furniture for your home, you want to make sure that you’re up to date on the best ways of caring for your newly purchased pieces. A bit of care every day will go a long way to ensure that your pieces maintain a beautiful look throughout the years.

For wood furniture, typically light dusting and cleaning with a soft, clean cloth will suffice and maintain the look of your pieces. A good rule of thumb is to avoid mixing products (such as silicone sprays and waxes) on finishes. A simple damp cloth will usually do the trick, although a high-quality wax or polish will provide further protection. These can help with minor scratches and water damage. In either case, make sure that you avoid extreme cold, heat, humidity, or sunlight around your furniture so that your pieces retain that distinguished but polished look. Protective barriers such as cotton, linen, and other fabrics, can help by protecting your furniture from any damaging products made from plastic, vinyl or rubber.


To take care of your fine furniture, you may want to place your pieces away from direct sunlight, to avoid damage to your fabric and leather over time. Sunlight and excessive heat can also damage your fabrics and leathers.

`           For fabrics specifically, regular vacuuming or light brushing can prevent build up of dirt and grime, which can damage your pieces over time. At times, a particularly noticeable stain is best removed by contacting a professional cleaner.  Leather furniture require similar cleanings, with a soft white cloth to remove grime and dust, and a quick removal of stains with by blotting with a soft cloth. Aniline, semi-aniline, nubuck, and other uncoated leathers have surfaces, which absorb liquids and oil, and shouldn’t be cleaned with soaps or creams.

Natural stone surfaces is easy to care for, making for an easier maintenance of the colour and pattern of stone surfaces. Dusting, occasional washing with a mild soap and water, and drying with a soft cloth will maintain the surface well. Waxes, sealers, and polishes for granite and marble can add exra protection, and a shiny, clear surface. Since these are not always necessary, it is important to test these out in a location on the stone before using, as well as following the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

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