Unfortunately, as we all know the environment is increasingly becoming a concern of our times, we thought it would be important to highlight Stickley’s environmental efforts – they are truly an example to follow in the industry! Consider some of these points:

Wood is at the heart of the Stickley company & Gustav Stickley was a pioneer of the conservation ethic. Back in 1907, when Stickley first bloomed as a national company & Gustav was worrying about over timbering, New York had 10.8 million acres of forest while Pennsylvania had 8.7 million. Today, forests cover 18.7 million acres in New York & 16.6 million acres in Pennsylvania. North American hardwoods are no longer scarce at all. The premium white oak that Stickley is mostly famous for can now be thought of as a renewable crop. Logs are pulled out of mixed forests on private lands one at a time as they peak, before the tree can decline, die and then rot or burn.


Because Stickley overbuilds their products, they don’t break down & end in up in a landfill. A Stickley piece is likely to be used and cherished for many generations.

The wood is hand sorted in order to reduce waste. Part of the scrap wood is sold to companies that make wood pellets for home heating & the Stickley factory & headquarters are heated entirely by saw dust collected in the factory. Other scrap pieces or defective pieces of woods are given to our employees to heat their homes. Excess sawdust also goes to local farmers who use it to soften and clean their livestock stalls.  Small pieces such as bracket clocks and candle sticks are created from off-cuts of our lumber

For our pillows and upholstery, the down & feather fillings are all natural and environmentally friendly. The urethane foams in Stickley sofa & chairs contain the maximum % of soybean derived polyols reducing the % of petroleum based products. The foams are PDBE-free, the chair & sofa frames are formaldehyde free. One of our favorite fabric coverings is sensuade which is made entirely of recycled polyester. It is easy to clean & lush to the touch.

More than 90% of Stickley products are made in upstate New York & North Carolina workshops. They comply with strict federal, state and local environmental regulations. They are a member of Sustainable Furnishings Council.


Each year on Earth Day, staff at the Manlius factory hold an event where everyone can take advantage of bringing in any electronics to be recycled. This past year, Manlius employees cleaned litter from the area & planted 100 Norway Spruce trees around the grounds.

Constant efforts are made to improve manufacturing which will result in better less lumber waste, less demand for energy and less pollution from our operations.