A positive and elegant office space can make all the difference when it comes to productivity and enjoying your work space. Stickley office furniture are the perfect pieces for your office space, for an organized and beautiful space. Stickley offers options that work for desktop computers, laptops, storage and organizations, bookcases, and conferences tables and furniture for larger offices. These pieces are practical and useful while invoking an authoritative elegance that anyone can appreciate.

Stickley’s office furniture comes in solid quartersawn oak, mahogany, or wild black cherry, which make for beautiful and sturdy pieces that will last for years to come. The perfect complement to any office, these pieces will create an atmosphere of easy elegance and prestige.

Stickley’s large office desks, for instance, come in a variety of styles and finishes. Features such as drawers, beveled edges, slide out laptop shelves, ample writing space, and corner desks options provide you with many options when looking for this important piece for the office. Stickley’s larger office desks provide those who are looking for more space and a more prestigious look with large office options. Closed and open bookcases, with or without desks, meanwhile create a distinguished outlines in any room, and are a perfect way of organizing clutter and books in an appealing way.

Stickley’s modular office desks are stunning and practical, but also allow users to designate a specific area of a room as “office space” while utilizing the rest of the room for other purposes. Modular office desks specifically allows users to coordinate with matching organizational pieces such as wide and narrow drawers and file units. Pieces such as the Metropolitan Corner Desk, create a perfect nook to store electronics and office supplies, without taking up too much space. Larger modular office desks also create a traditional and distinguished appearance alongside walls. For an intriguing look, these pieces can be mixed and matched in the cherry, mahogany, and oak varieties.

For smaller spaces, Stickley has exquisite small office desks that will fit well into a room with lesser dimensions. The Directoire Writing Desk, for instance, is a throwback to traditional glamour, while the Mission Writing Desk in oak or cherry and offers storage solutions for paper and supplies. The Fall Front Desk is perfect for smaller rooms, with a contained desk that can be pulled out, with ample drawers to securely keep your belongings. With additional round conference desks, chairs, and tables for all your office needs, Stickley has the solutions you need for beautiful, organized spaces.