991At Stickley furniture Toronto, we invite you to come by and browse through our collection of fine Stickley furniture. Whether you’re at our signature Stickley store or a few doors down at Manderley Manor, the stylish and comfortable arts and crafts furniture with a variety of woods and colour palettes offers something for every room in your home…

Take, for example, beautiful Harvey Ellis wardrobe, or the Roycroft Chafing Dish Cabinet… Each showcases its designer’s interpretation of how form follows function. Each features geometric panes of soldered leaded-glass, built to the integrity of design and beauty in Stickley furniture Toronto.

These pieces of glass encased in wooden frames challenged Gustav Stickley to come up with an innovative construction technique that would hold the individual panes securely, without distracting from their unique beauty. His solution was to hold each pane of decorative glass securely – and invisibly – in place with quarter rounds, mitred to fit perfectly.

Many of the pieces of Stickley furniture Toronto are beautiful examples of Gustav’s original design and building techniques – such as the Stickley bookcases. Whether you prefer plain wood, or wood and leaded glass, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in our showrooms.

Yet another example of the beauty and unique design features of Stickley furniture Toronto are from our Charles Limbert collection. Instead of glass, he used distinctive
square wooden cutouts in his original designs, which have been reproduced faithfully.

The arts and craft furniture movement sparked a love for architectural designs in collectors, and leaded glass window panes is one design feature that continues to be popular even today – especially among the most discerning of homeowners in Toronto.

You can find leaded glass motifs in Toronto’s ‘Leaside’ or ‘the Beach’ to name just two.

We invite you to explore the range of interpretations of all these facets for yourself in the Stickley furniture Toronto lines at both of our retail locations. Come into 561 and 567 Mount Pleasant Road, Toronto and imagine how your home will look with a piece or two of Stickley furniture…