The name Stickley conjures up wonderful furniture designs in the arts and crafts or mission style of furniture, but that’s not the only thing Stickley dealers are about.

Stickley dealers carry furniture, upholstered pieces and design items for a variety of tastes, all built to last – they are exceptionally well-constructed and built from the highest-quality materials.

Whether you love traditional, modern or mission, Stickley dealers can show you just the right item to meet your design needs. Let’s take one simple example:

The Ginko tree is one of the earth’s oldest trees and its longevity makes many landscapers consider it an ideal urban tree for its resistance to pollution. On top of that, it’s just a beautiful tree.  The simplicity of its fan-shaped leaves suits perfectly the arts and crafts’ emphasis on natural tones and beautiful lines.

It’s no wonder that the leaf form figures so prominently in many of the past and present Arts and Crafts upholstery, fabric and rug designs.

Taking its inspiration from architect and designer Frank Lloyd Wright, the Ginko Tree Tibetan hand-knotted wool carpet is one of the most popular items in the Stickley Designer Rug collection. Take a look at the corner motifs. The blocked colour design echoes the leaded glass squares and rectangles, or inset wood panes, so often seen in Mission and Prairie style furniture.

The colour palette harmonizes perfectly with the furniture, just as these broadly-visioned designers intended.  It is the epitome of a ‘functional piece of art’ and it is available at Stickley dealers, along with many others in this wonderful collection.

The Ginko design is only one of several that can also be seen in some of the fabric lines available through Stickley dealers. You can use these fabrics to customize your Stickley dining room or living room.

As Stickley dealers, we have lots of ideas and access to all the latest Stickley lines ranging from traditional – with floral patterns,- to modern with strong colours and geometric designs.

For help with your design requirements and style choices, please visit our stores at 561 and 567 Mount Pleasant Road, Toronto where we are your Stickley dealer here in Toronto.

Stickley Furniture Toronto

Stickley Furniture Toronto