Stickley Classic furniture line will furnish your home for a delightful style that will help create a space of luxury and comfort. This classic collection is bound to please homeowners of all ages, with traditional detailing, and beautiful finishes that are tested by time and the study of furniture craftsmanship.

Stickley furniture  is made possible by a team of designers, artisans, and innovative thinkers, who merge fresh, creative thinking, with design that has a wide appeal.  Each piece of furniture is created with ingenuity, creativity, commitment, and integrity.

When you purchase a Stickley Classics piece, you can also be sure that you will receive a piece that is made in a green company, with respect to sustainable practices and processes. Stickley builds furniture from solid wood that comes from managed forests, and is made in a factory in Malinus, which is heated by sawdust collected through a dust collection system, for a clean and dust-free environment. Further, the company has a thorough approach to recycling with an extensive program for recycling paper, cardboard, and plastic bottles, as well as ensuring that lighting in factories, showrooms, and offices is cut down to almost half in use.

With careful attention to detail, and an eye for beautiful design aesthetic, you can expect sturdy furniture construction from Stickley’s, with each piece of furniture crafted to the best of our abilities. Stickley’s features a variety of fine solid woods. These include the wild black cherry with a rich patina, and mahogany woods from Honduras that allows for new, exciting designs, and long-lasting woods. Stickley employees use construction techniques that include distinct features such as dovetailed cross rails, side and center guided drawers, and pinned chair joints. These features allow for a great look, but also for study furniture that will last and last.

Stickley’s finishing process is especially noteworthy. We use complex techniques that allow for the natural grain of the wood to show through the finish. We use clear dyes to stop colour from sinking into subsequent layers, and we apply our stains by hand so that they penetrate through the wood fiber to blend with the natural wood colour tones. Our craftsmen then apply multiple coats of lacquer to seal the colour in place and provide a surface that is resistant to stain, heat, and alcohol. With this incredible attention to detail, remarkable materials and woods, and innovative design and features, you’ll be glad to Stickley furniture pieces in your home through generations and generations.