Spring is the perfect time of year to mix things up and add a splash of colour and a playful sense of fun into your home.  While working on your annual spring cleaning, why not open the windows while you glide on a fresh new coat of paint or welcome that splurge worthy piece of furniture you’ve been eyeing into your living room as an accent piece to shake things up?

Whether your budget is big or shoestring you can follow the trends in home décor through finding the right looks to meet your needs.  Here are six important design trends this spring, and how you can make them work in your home.

Nature Inspired Décor

Spring has many of us coming out of winter hibernation and returning to the great outdoors.  Nature inspired design is a fantastic way to bring that breath of fresh air into the home. Chris von Eckartsberg and Hans Baldauf, who are co-founding principals at BCV Architecture + Interiors told Real Simple, “People are increasingly seeking connections from nature. BCV is a big proponent of the flexibility and beauty of wood—we use it widely in our residential and hospitality projects to create a welcoming and calming environment. In many of BCV’s projects, we see a growing desire for lighter, airier spaces, and wood is a wonderful material to incorporate to achieve this.”

To get the nature inspired element look in your home you can turn to wood based products for trim, key furniture pieces, nature inspired art work and décor, as well as throws and pillows that incorporate nature based patterns, as well as using fabrics found in nature like bamboo.

May Flowers

Bold, bright, and vivid flowers have been hitting the showrooms and design magazines since the new year. This look includes larger than life florals with contrasting and complimentary colours dotting statement pieces everywhere.  Those who want something more adventurous can opt for florals to take centre stage in exaggerated floral wallpaper, a prominently placed piece of accent furniture, curtains, or a wall-sized work of art.  Those with demure tastes can incorporate this trend through something as small as a carefully placed vase full of your favourite blooms, throw cushions, or add in some funky flower inspired light fixtures.

Pantone’s Pick – Living Coral

Every year Pantone unveils its colour of the year.  2019 is officially the year of Living Coral (numbered Pantone 16-156).  This bright, yet natural, colour is inspired by coral reefs and is said to create a feeling of warmth for a calming effect. Coral is a bold, marine, near-neutral colour that can easily be integrated with neutral and more daring colours.  Simple colour combinations that will work effortlessly with Living Coral include teal, light grey, aqua, yellow, raspberry, navy blue, and mint or moss green.

Embrace Your Marie Kondo Joy With Open Shelving

Netflix sensation Marie Kondo has people clearing out their clutter in exchange for fewer pieces, that hold function and spark joy in their lives.  With this movement people want items they need to be easily accessible, and want to be able to showcase their sense of style for everyone to see.

Ianniciello of Whitehall Interiors  says, “A trend I am seeing is replacing kitchen upper cabinets with metal, wood or glass shelving. Inspired by hotel and retail spaces, this adds to the overall bold statements many want to make in their homes, forgoing the minimalism that was popular in years past.”

Products Built With Sustainability in Mind

The environment is on everyone’s mind right now and this awareness makes ethical purchasing a factor in what people want to bring into their homes.  The want for fast fashion and disposable products is falling by the wayside.  Lisa White, Director of Lifestyle and Interiors at trend forecaster MGSN and Head Curator at Biennale International Design says, “Sustainability is finally starting to scale, and is not just for liberal do-gooders or eco-conscious warriors.”  This means more people are turning towards vintage, repurposed, and well-built products that will last for the long haul and become investment pieces that can be passed on generationally.

Stickley Fine Furniture‘s unique construction features make it the most lasting furniture being crafted today, with a sustainability model in place long before it was fashionable. Stickley products are more likely to be passed along to someone else than end up in a landfill.  Smaller pieces are used to create Stickley clocks and candle sticks. Stickley wood is hand sorted to reduce waste, and some of the scrap wood is sold to make wood pellets for people to use to heat their homes.  Even the Stickley factory uses its own wood sawdust for heating.  Excess sawdust is sent to local farmers to use in livestock stalls. With this trend of ethical purchasing, a little research on how furniture is being sourced, made, and how long it lasts is as easy as a simple online search.

Make it Mustard

Along with the resurfacing of a 1970’s aesthetic in 2019, the colour mustard is warming up spaces everywhere.  Inspired in part by fashion (mustard was prominent during Fashion Week in France in the fall), the colour is moving from our wardrobes and into our décor. Fashionista Blogger says, “Though less flashy than classic yellow, mustard adds a punch of colour,” and people are eating it up with a spoon.

Yellow makes us think of sunshine, spring chicks, lemons, daffodils, and fresh air. This hue first made an appearance with small accent pieces, but as people are realizing how good it looks, they’re purchasing bigger pieces to match their Bohemian chic tastes and increase the warmth and depth of minimalistic spaces. A yellow item makes the ideal accent piece to brighten up your space care of a sofa, corner armchair, notable piece of trim to accentuate your home’s architecture, or something smaller like a throw blanket or cushions. Not sure how to match mustard to other colours?  This shade matches well with green, black, hot pink, navy blue, teal, indigo blue, crisp white, and another trending colour, millennial pink.