Misspel51-600-300x200led Stickly? Well, mistakes happen!  But don’t worry – there are no mistakes when it comes to the beauty and quality of Stickley furniture.

Every piece of Stickley furniture – whether it’s a chair, a bed, a cabinet or dining table, is built using only the finest materials and the kind of uncommon, old-world craftsmanship that says “I’m proud of what I do”.

Since Stickle’s founding in 1900, experts have acclaimed Stickley furniture for its pure form, sound construction and usefulness of purpose.

The quality of “Stickly” (oops, I meant Stickley) assures that it will be a family heirloom for generations to come.

When you take home a Stickley piece, you’re not just buying furniture – you’re making an investment in a future collectible heirloom.  Want proof? Just look at what some early Stickley pieces have fetched at recent auctions:

  • “Gustav Stickley topped the furniture selection with a large server, circa 1902, selling for $58,750.
  • A price of $26,438 was paid for a Gustav Stickley even-arm crib settle.
  • Craftsman Auctions, Lambertville, NJ “Stickley Desk Attains $214,500 at Kelley Auctions’ Weekly Sale”

In fact, visit almost any furniture auction today, and if they’ve got them, you’ll find the Stickley pieces are predominantly labeled by name and are showcased in the most visible locations during public viewing times.

No matter how you spell ‘Stickly’, investing in real ‘Stickley’ is no mistake!

Since 1900, Stickley has been famous for its unique and highly sophisticated construction techniques.

Stickley collectors world-wide proudly point to “quadralinear posts” and “triple-guided drawers” as visible indicators of the exceptional craftsmanship that is the cornerstone of the Stickley tradition.

Stickley Upholstery represents the logical extension of that cherished tradition. In a market where “value” tends to be defined only in terms of dollars, Stickley craftspeople are quietly dedicated to producing an uncommon product.

Like the “blind dovetail” joints in many Stickley dressers, most of the construction features noted on the following pages are hidden beneath the surface, and are indicative of our deep sense of pride in the products we build.

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