Mission Furniture Toronto and the Roycroft Tabouret Table

I was on a midday work break, and returning from a walk along Mount Pleasant road when it caught my eye… The Roycroft Tabouret Table, in the window of the Mission Furniture store in Toronto… (You know, Manderley Manor and Stickley Toronto…)

Shining through the glass, you could almost see the years of Ohio sunshine encapsulated in the hand-finished and polished oak Mission Furniture style table. It’s plain to see that the designer took into account not only the nature of his materials, but also took the time to consider the best way to cut, form and finish this piece, so that it truly expresses, amplifies and enhances the beauty of the wood itself.

The Roycroft Tabouret Table has a story. Originally produced at the Roycroft community (1895-1938) in East Aurora, New York, it expresses the design ideas and philosophy of the arts and crafts movement.

The name Roycroft comes from the French, “Roi” meaning king, and “Croft” meaning craft – they were the ‘craftsmen of the King’. This craft and artisan community became one of America’s most successful.  They created products including books, furniture and their famous metal works.

Stickley entered into a special agreement with the Roycroft foundation, and agreed to replicate with the same integrity and original precision and care, a select collection of favourite and treasured Roycroft items.

The symbol of the Roycroft Tabouret Table is the Roycroft shopmark, clearly carved into each collection piece.

The mark itself is derived from the book-binding monk, Cassiodorus, who signed his bindings with a cross and circle to symbolize Unity and Infinity.

The Roycroft community’s founder, Elbert Hubbard, later subdivided Cassiodorus’ original circle into three segments to express Faith, Hope, and Love, and added the letter ‘R’ to represent the community.

Functional and sturdy, homey and warm, yet artistic in design and beauty, the Roycroft Tabouret Table is a statement to the enduring quality and original ideals of the arts and crafts movement rejuvenated today.

It is easy to see why these contemporary Stickley creations continue to appeal to the astute consumer at mission furniture Toronto.

When you think about the environment most of us have today – rushed, stressful, and disposable ‘everything’ – the Roycroft Tabouret Table stands solid, grounded, enduring and endearing.

Mission Furniture Toronto

And you can’t help but to caress the satiny wooden surface – what a tactile, delightful side table – as useful as it is beautiful.  Imagine relaxing in your favourite mission furniture chair, letting all the stress and pressure just fade away as you enjoy an end-of-the-day cup of tea or glass of wine.

These cherished human stories and ideals can live on in your home. Visit our Website at mission furniture Toronto www.manderleymanor.com, and find your own heirlooms of tomorrow today.