uniquelives-640x425Now in its twenty first season, the Unique Lives and Experiences Series at Roy Thompson Hall is continuing to offer thought-provoking, educational, and inspirational lectures featuring some of the world’s most powerful and influential women. Created to highlight women’s accomplishments and feed the intellects of Toronto’s most curious, this series provides a welcome exposure into the minds of female thought leaders and icons like Rt. Hon. Michaelle Jean, Joan Rivers, and Jane Goodall.

Most recently, the stage at Roy Thompson Hall was graced by Severn Cullis Suzuki and David Suzuki, as they discussed the increasing destruction of our environment. Their message was devastating and yet hopeful: yes, our ecosystem is in decline due to our own actions, but there is so much that we can do to make the situation better.  All we need to do is care, and make an effort, in order to make a change.

This same level of care and attention to detail goes into every bit of Stickley furniture, which is why we at Manderley Manor – as the official set decorator for the Toronto series – choose to furnish these talks with some of the best pieces from our Stickley line.

For the lecture by Severn Cullis Suzuki and David Suzuki, we chose to focus on Stickley’s Mission line of furnishings, pictured above. The Mission line features strong horizontal and vertical lines without a lot of embellishments. The wood is left to speak for itself, expertly sanded and oiled to showcase the natural beauty of the grains.

Expertly crafted, Stickley’s Mission furnishings are a perfect marriage of strength, beauty, and utility – not overbearing in their grandeur, but effortlessly displaying the mastery and craftsmanship that has gone into every piece of Stickley furniture for the last 100 years.

Manderley Manor is proud to showcase these impressive pieces of furniture and help Unique Lives to showcase the amazing work of the impressive women featured in the series.