In 1989 L&JG Stickley re-introduced the famous Stickley Mission line of furniture. Absent from the marketplace for many decades, the re-issuance has been one of the most successful re-launches in furniture history. At that time interest in antique Stickley pieces reached a frenzy, partly fueled by Barbra Streisand’s charity auction featuring a number of antique Stickley pieces. Many pieces from this private collection realized record breaking prices. Not only is Stickley the best built furniture ever made, it has proven to be an excellent investment over time

Jim & Ilona Sublett from Manderley Fine Furniture have been in the furniture business for over 25 years. Having started as a small antique & refinishing shop, we were exposed to how good furniture should be made .It has now been 8 years since the first Stickley piece graced our floor. During this time we have grown to be the largest single store Stickey dealer. It has been an honor to grow along with Stickley, a company that we so greatly admire.


Now in the summer of 2014 we are very happy to announce that Manderley Fine Furniture is growing once again! This August we are moving into a space that is 4 times larger than our current Mission footprint. This will allow us to display the new & exciting Stickley offerings more attractively as well as showcase the classic Mission favorites.

We would like to express our gratitude to Stickley for providing such a wonderful opportunity and products, that we are truly proud to represent. Most importantly we would like to thank our many loyal customers for their continued support. It means a great deal to us and our families.

We very much look forward to seeing you at the end of August in our new showroom!