Stickley Furniture Delivers!

When you walk into a room furnished with high quality pieces, you can feel the difference. The look, the construction, the style – it all comes together to create a comfortable environment that invites you to come on in, put your feet up, relax, and stay a while.

Shopping for quality furniture in today’s market has become hit or miss in some instances. Many manufacturers put the emphasis on fast production and cheaper materials, and the result is inexpensive furniture that ends up at the dump after several years of use.

However, with Stickley furniture, you can’t go wrong. Offering a varied line of fine home furnishings with excellent craftsmanship and classic designs, the Stickley name is recognized internationally as a leader in heirloom-quality furniture production.

It’s a tradition of quality that began in the early 20th century, when the Stickley brothers set out to craft the finest furniture possible with the old Flemish phrase Als Ik Kan as their guiding principle – which means “to the best of my ability.” This tradition continues today, as Stickley artisans use the same, time-honored construction methods combined with the best materials available to manufacture furniture that is built to last.

Several unique features of design and construction make Stickley furniture stand out from the rest, and assure buyers that their purchases are an excellent investment for generations to come.

8-Way Hand Knotted Construction

Beware of furniture manufacturers who claim to use this style of spring manufacturing. Unfortunately, over the years, with the invention of shortcuts in manufacturing, the term has been diluted.  Stickley, however – true to their old-fashioned commitment to quality – still actually secure each and every spring with eight separate knots (not loops), hand-tied by skilled artisans. This almost doubles the manufacturing time compared to modern methods, but it also more than doubles the life and comfort of the furniture.

Marshall Unit Back

Another construction method rarely used in today’s market is Marshall Unit coil springs. Most other manufacturers use a simple foam construction to provide backing, which pocket and sag with use. The Marshal Unit Back system is a muslin-covered spring system that provides exceptional comfort and consistent support for the life of the piece.

Center or Flow Matching

The upholstery of Stickley furniture is carefully planned so that patterns not only continue to flow properly from cushion to cushion, and from cushions to backings, sides, and skirts (“flow matching”) – but also, care is taken to position the fabric’s central motif in the center of the piece as well (“center matching”). This attention to detail ensures a cohesive and beautiful design.

Fully Mitered Skirts

When inspecting any piece of upholstered furniture, lift the skirt to notice the construction. With Stickley furniture, you’ll notice first that all skirts are fully lined, and you’ll see no sign of staples, cardboard strips, or ragged edges that are found in lesser quality furniture. In addition, an intricate, picture frame seam is used at each corner to eliminate unneeded layers of fabric, allowing the skirt to be tailored to the frame exactly. This level of detail is found only with the highest quality of workmanship.

Engineered with Comfort in Mind

With Stickley furniture, comfort is a science. Each piece is carefully constructed to achieve the perfect balance of height, depth, and pitch, using the best cushion and foam technology available. Just the right spring base is engineered to evenly distribute weight and eliminate pressure points that can cause stiffness and pain. Only the best materials are used, so the comfort level of each piece is sustained for generations to come.

If you’re looking for Stickley furniture in the Toronto area, check out the selection at Manderley Manor.
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