Creating a room for a child can be a challenge. Children grow quickly and  parents may often find it a challenge to change room design to reflect the child’s age. The easy solution? Feel your child’s room with well-made, classic furniture that will have an eternal appeal. Then, customize and accessorize with colourful bedding, paintings, framed pictures, small rugs, and knick knacks.

One of the best examples for this can be found on the Stickley Starters Classics.

Picture a night stand with fun, colourful frames perked on top. When your child grows and becomes a teenager, these simple pieces can be replaced with framed posters, candles, or any other accessory that better suits the personality and age of your child.

Classic pieces such as the Chelsea Night Stand, with two drawers, serpentine top with a flat front, reeded design motif,  softened edges, flush top for bunching, and an open area above drawers can be easily customized as your child grows. This and other classical  heirloom furniture pieces can be a part of your family for years and decades.

Luckily such pieces are easy to coordinate with other  beautiful and classical pieces, such as the Chelsea Upholstered Bed


The Chelsea Tall Chest for storage, which offers seven spacious drawers, serpentine front, and a sliding jewelry tray in the top right drawer and the Chelsea Master Dresser with ten drawers.


These beautifully crafted Stickley furniture pieces not only retain a beautiful look throughout the years, but also offer a classic appeal which will never go out of style. Placed together they create a well-coordinated and beautiful bedroom for anyone of any age, and can easily customized with accessories to give your room a unique interpretation.