Hand craftsmanship distinguishes Stickley furniture from other furniture lines. Each piece is carefully made using the finest materials, such as quartersawn oak and wild black cherry, and classic joinery techniques, such as exposed mortise-and-tenon joints; booksawn panels; quadralinear posts; side-hung, centre-guided drawers, and blind dovetails.

For example, most Stickley door joints are held together with wooden pins that lock the joint and supply additional strength. Unlike dowel joints that rely on glue and can fail over time, self-locking dovetail joints also provide strength. Centre-guided drawers with side suspension keeps drawers level with no plastic parts to break, no metal to rust and scratch.

The high quality of Stickley furniture is also evident in the finishing of each piece. A smooth, beautiful finish is created using hand sanding and rubbing. Many layers of lacquer help protect each piece. Clear dyes are used instead of opaque ones to add further beauty.

Part of the quality of Stickley furniture is the upholstery. Stickley Fine Upholstery offers a variety of fabric choices to complement your personal taste, home and lifestyle, whether your style is finely tailored traditional, sleek contemporary or casual modern comfort. Comfort and craftsmanship are infused in every piece we make.

Stickley furniture meets the highest standards of quality and durability:

  • All Stickley Fine Upholstery is made to California flammability standards, the toughest residential standards in the US.
  • Urethane foams used in Stickley Upholstery are PDBE-free and contain the maximum percentage of soy-based polyols.
  • Stickley Sensuede and is made from 100% recycled materials and provides the highest grade microfiber fabrics available.
  • Hardwood frames are formaldehyde-free.