Stickley Solutions for Small Spaces

Stickley is striving to create options for our city dwellers in smaller homes. Please enjoy what we have put together for you. BEDROOM Most of us need more storage in every room of our homes. Stickley has many smaller scale pieces to create more storage options for you. In the Bedroom consider a tall dresser… View Article

Stickley Fine Upholstery: Living in Style

Stickley Furniture Upholstery Stickley fine upholstery can help you create the simple sophisticated looks that you’re looking for your living room. From Mission Oak to Cherry dining, create modern, urban looks that will suit any home. Stickley Fine Upholstery offers Upholstery frames and fabric or leather choices to allow you to best express your home’s style and your… View Article

Children and Fine Furniture

Children and Fine Furniture, by Mike Danial, Stickley Furniture Co. A finely made, beautifully finished dining table might be one of the best things to happen to your kids. The following is not a lecture, it’s just an observation. I have been here at Stickley for 35 years and will likely hit 50 years with… View Article

Modern living with Stickley Sectionals

modern sectionals Stickley offers the best comprehensive and customizable upholstery, with the distinguished and well-made pieces that are typical of Stickley furniture. These furniture for your living room, offer the highest standard of craftsmanship and comfort, with a variety of choices, from tailored modern sofa with clean lines, to luxurious traditional furniture. Stickley’s Selectionals Upholstery Program offers… View Article

Stickley office furniture: Working with style

A positive and elegant office space can make all the difference when it comes to productivity and enjoying your work space. Stickley office furniture are the perfect pieces for your office space, for an organized and beautiful space. Stickley offers options that work for desktop computers, laptops, storage and organizations, bookcases, and conferences tables and… View Article

John Widdicomb: A creation of high quality furniture

With a start in 1845, the John Widdicomb Company, has a long history of producing high quality furniture. Especially, the company’s mid century modern furniture took off with incredible success, and cemented its popularity as a recognized producer of fine modern furniture. The classical designs gave way to distinguished modern pieces, which beautify bedrooms, living… View Article

Stickley Classic: A summary of fine furniture

Stickley Classic furniture line will furnish your home for a delightful style that will help create a space of luxury and comfort. This classic collection is bound to please homeowners of all ages, with traditional detailing, and beautiful finishes that are tested by time and the study of furniture craftsmanship. Stickley furniture  is made possible… View Article

Coronado Collection: Fine Living from Toronto Furniture

Stickley’s Coronado Collection includes pieces that bring authentic warmth and style to your home. The collection contains pieces that invoke both a sense of modern practicality and traditional craftsmanship. The rustic finish will bring a warmth and artisan quality to your rooms. The unique finishes and design of each piece showcases superb craftsmanship with incredible… View Article

Adding elegance to a room with a stickley rug

One of the simplest ways of adding a touch of elegance and personality to your room is by adding a well-made, elegant rug.  Different rugs can add a completely unique character to a room. The prairie rug, for example, adds an artistic, minimalist look that will look good in any room, but especially in a… View Article

Creating a warm and cozy room for your child With Stickley Furniture

chelsea upholstered bed and Chelsea night table Creating a room for a child can be a challenge. Children grow quickly and  parents may often find it a challenge to change room design to reflect the child’s age. The easy solution? Feel your child’s room with well-made, classic furniture that will have an eternal appeal. Then, customize and accessorize with colourful bedding, paintings,… View Article