Everyone loves fall! Whether it’s apple picking, pumpkin spice lattes, or giant scarves fall brings everything in contradiction. It’s crisp and cozy and bold and welcoming as we transition to a time when we want to enjoy the great outdoors and retreat inside with a warm cup of tea all at once.

Get your home fall ready and transform it into a space where you want to spend more time tucked in on your couch! This can be an exciting and a fun way to welcome in the new season. There are many simple ways you can incorporate autumn inspired décor into your home right now, whether you’re looking for a temporary seasonal look that screams autumn or subtly hints of the beloved season, that looks perfect all year round. Rest assured bigger changes will be adaptable enough that it won’t ever look like you forgot thanksgiving came and went as the seasons move on. Let’s explore the best that autumn and fall inspired décor has to offer. You’ve got this!

Fall Colours Locked Down

Bright burnt orange, crimson red, or sunshine yellow don’t need to dominate your fall look. Some fall colours are so bold it can be easy to get carried away. No one needs to paint a wall blaze orange to get a fall feel in their space (unless it’s a colour you know you’ll adore year-round).

For accessories select your favourite fall colour and add a few to a room, with accents lending to just the right number of pops of colour. Artwork is an easy way to incorporate rich and buttery oranges to your walls without committing to a more permanent use of bold colours.

Exploring Autumn Neutrals

For those who want to try fall neutrals in their space, acorn brown isn’t the only option. Warm tones found in cotton, cream, blush, or dove grey are fantastic backdrops to contract bolder fall hues.

Bronwen Smith, founder and lead designer from B Floral told Town and Country Magazine, “Incorporating rich purples and deep pinks will help to brighten up your decor and set it apart from the rest.” Smith also suggests subtle moves like warming up your dining room table by swapping all-white chinaware for that which includes warm metallics.

Trend experts at Earle Design say, “Gold will always be a timeless classic. Transform your home this autumn by making gold the focus point of the room, instead of an accessory. Add a beautiful gold carpet and combine it with mid-century modern furniture and you’ll have the perfect interior design trend going.” Pair your metallics with dried florals and wheat for a balanced mix of glamour and rustic nature inspired fall emphasis in any room.

Let Your Fashion Accessories Do The Talking

You don’t need to go out and purchase autumn specific décor to add hints to your home. Hanging fall coloured and themed purses, scarves, totes, hats, and even sweaters, in your front hallway screams autumn at no extra cost to your pocketbook. Never underestimate the power of chunky woolen throws, sweaters, and pillow covers to let your space fall back into autumn. Emilie Munroe of Studio Munro told HGTV, “I’m all about adding an uber-textural chunky wool knit blanket to any room. It’s the perfect way to layer in a hint of the cozy winter weather ahead.

Plan For Plaid & Lush Velvet

A pinch of plaid or rich earth toned velvets, in moss green, eggplant, or cranberry can also add fall texture to your home. Splurge on a lush couch or ottoman. Make it budget-friendly with throw cushions and smaller purchases. If you frequently swap out pillows with the season, consider working with the same sized pillowcases to swap out, to save you some storage space.

When talking to HGTV about her favourite fall looks and trends, Designer from Chango & Co. Susana Simonpietri says, “I’m looking forward to fall and seeing some of our installs come together. We’re installing a home in late September that has some awesome plaid and gingham action going on. I’m particularly attracted to black-and-white plaid mixed with coral, red and brown accents. We’re also doing a lot of leather in unexpected ways. I’m in love with binding chunky sisals and seagrass rugs in leather to give them a bit of edge and a cooler feel.”

Bring The Great Outdoors Inside

One of the most picturesque parts of autumn is the leaves changing colour. These colours picked up in candles, wreaths, throw cushions, and physically onto your mantle can help provide a rustic fall feel to your home. Anything involving leaves, branches, pinecones, or fall coloured florals can be the perfect addition to your home. Designer Janie Molster shared her expertise with Elle Décor, showcasing the power, ”A rustic centerpiece of colorful flowers and fruits backed by tree branches” can add to living rooms and dining rooms alike.

For those with seasonal allergies or pets who get into plants and flowers there are other solutions. Purchasing tablecloths with fall coloured patterns or floral motifs is a simple way to welcome in a new season.

The Front Porch

If you have a porch get ready to use it. Move some of the lanterns, pumpkins, squash, and touches of nature to the entry point of your home to have guests feeling fall vibes from the second they hit your doorstep. You can use some of the leaves from your yard to create some autumnal wreaths, banners, and DIY with one of these online maker tutorials (CLICK HERE).  Not feeling crafty? Hit up local farmers’ markets and support someone’s artisanal fall creations to hang on your door. Have a covered porch? Consider adding a festive blanket to your favourite chair for style and warmth so you can enjoy the view even when the air is brisk.

Select A Colour Palette That Marries With Other Seasons

Think of Living Coral, Pantone’s colour of 2019, as the subtle cousin to orange. It’s vibrant and versatile enough to bring a room through any season, even fall, and is a great option for sheets and bedding. Ruby red feels like fall and pairs well with Christmas and winter décor as fall bleeds into the holiday season. The same goes for candy apple red and deep forest green.