One of the simplest ways of adding a touch of elegance and personality to your room is by adding a well-made, elegant rug.  Different rugs can add a completely unique character to a room.

The prairie rug, for example, adds an artistic, minimalist look that will look good in any room, but especially in a modern living room or bedroom with contemporary art and accessories. For a traditional look, the Rose Garden rug can be purchased in ten different dimensions, and adds a lot of character and a historical look to your classic, traditional living room.


The Mondrian rug is reminiscent of Mondrian paintings, and is a perfect choice for an art lover, who wants to add a touch of whimsy and an interesting focal point to a room.
For a rug that will remind guests and homeowners of travel and luxurious fabric, the Shalimar Floral rug, in red, will create a warm and welcoming look.


The Shalimar Garden in Light Green is a similar rug, with a lighter look, and a colour choice that will work well with more cool and neutral colour schemes.

Finally, the Soho rug offers a perfect choice for modernists who are looking for a neutral rug that has clean lines, is contemporary, and makes a statement without overpowering a room.


There are many other choices for high-quality, well-made designer rugs that will endure for a long time on the Stickley website. All of these can be ordered in different sizes, and delivered to your home.