Shifman Mattresses

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Shifman products gives comfort beyond expectations and support sleep in the best way possible by relieving pressure and improving circulation. Wrap your body in the unrivalled comfort and luxurious feel of a Shifman mattress and boxspring. After all that stress you go through during the day, you deserve nothing short of a good night rest. Shifman makes the difference!

The Secret to the Best Night’s Sleep Is a Shifman

When the best quality natural materials are handled by our expert workers, what you get is a superior two-sided mattress and boxspring set. Carefully, our two-sided mattresses are carefully made with flawless artistry and detailed attention. That’s why we have the best handmade mattresses you can get anywhere.

Once you lay on a Shifman mattress, you instantly feel the difference – the Shifman Difference. Our products stand out in comfort, quality and durability. For over 120 years now, we’ve been in the business of making the best boxsprings and two-sided mattresses, only top notch components such as matelasse fabrics, Belgian damask, and natural materials like cotton, cashmere, wool and pashmina are used when making our matresses.


Product Overview

You need nothing less than a boxspring to get the best possible rest at night. Our handmade boxsprings are durable and start with a superior-grade Canadian Spruce made frame. Steel upholstery coils shaped like the hourglass is used for our boxsprings. The upholstery layers and supportive springs of the boxsprings assist your Shifman mattress in adjusting to your body curves, thereby minimizing spine pressure and giving you the sleep you deserve. Search for a dealer near you so you too can experience the Shifman Experience.


Quilted Collection

Shifman’s Quilted Collection offers customers quality bedding at popular price points, with the following features on offer:

  • All-coil grid top boxspring
  • Foam edge support in the mattress
  • Machine quilted surface
  • Quality innerspring
  • Natural cotton upholstery of up to 47 lbs.
  • A Two-sided construction

shifman-mattresses_TorontoVintage Collection

Shifman’s Vintage Collection offers deluxe surface comfort and superior quality with features such as:

  • Hand-tufted craftsmanship
  • Natural cotton upholstery of up to 83 lbs.
  • Eight-way, hand-tied boxspring
  • Superior innerspring
  • A Two-sided construction
  • Foam and steel edge support in the mattress

Shifman’s_Vintage_Collection_TorontoMasters Collection

Shifman’s Masters Collection stands out in craftsmanship and astonishing beauty as well as comfort. The features of these luxurious mattresses include:

  • Natural cotton upholstery of up to 83 lbs. in addition to luxury layers such as pashmina, natural latex foam and Joma Wool
  • Foam and steel edge support in the mattress and steel edge support in the boxspring
  • Superior innerspring
  • A Two-sided construction
  • Eight-way, hand-tied boxspring
  • Solid brass corner guards
  • Hand-tufted craftsmanship


The Shifman Difference.

Some of the ingredients that make the Shifman luxury mattresses include; dedication to perfection, true craftsmanship and Integrity and these contribute to the Shifman’s durability, comfort and quality.


The quality of its hand-made bedding is what makes the Shifman Difference. To ensure that the product is superior, over 50 highly-skilled craftsmen put efforts together in the production of each boxspring and mattress. This is the reason it is so comfortable and durable. One Shifman mattress can take up to twelve and a half hours to produce because it is purely hand-made.

The Sanotuft technique is employed by Shifman to produce the amazing button less tuft getting rid of shifting and bunching by making sure all layers are interlocked. Another example of our effective craftsmanship is our exceptional eight-way, hand-tied boxsprings. Its hourglass-shaped upholstery coils are tied eight ways with Italian twine by hand. This is the reason the wear and tear on this mattress is minimal.

To provide flexible yet strong support, the eight different points of the boxspring coil is tied independently. More so, the natural body curves and body weight is catered for, so you can enjoy your sleep all the way.


Shifman is one of the very few mattress makers that still continue to produce two-sided mattresses. Most makers that used to make two-sided mattresses have changed to the production of one sided mattresses because of the cost but Shifman has refused to compromise and has decided to continue its top quality production.

Two-sided mattresses last longer because they can be flipped over, this offers extra value to the customer.


Each Shifman mattress is made from the most luxurious materials available on the market. Metallic fabrics and High-end Belgian damask, as well as, natural materials like latex, wool, cotton, pashmina and cashmere are used in Shifman designs.


With its tradition that is has maintained over a century, Shifman keeps handcrafting its luxurious mattresses at it production site in New Jersey. See the Shifman Website