Sprout and Shifman Natural Handmade Mattresses

Shifman Mattresses and Sprout Mattresses, The Finest Handmade Natural Mattresses.   Tired of waking up tired and feeling like you slept in a canoe? Manderley Fine Furniture has the finest choice of Handmade, Natural and Two-Sided Mattresses anywhere! Materials include Wool, Cotton, Silk, Pashmina and Natural Latex (from the Rubber Tree). Our innerspring Mattresses contain… View Article

Fine Upholstery, Hidden Value

Stickley is well-known for encouraging customers to literally look beneath the surface when evaluating furniture, for beneath the immediate attractions of shape and colour, etc., lie the hard truths of construction and materials. Until you turn that dresser drawer upside down you’ll never see the thick-walled centre guide rail, the generous blocking, or the precise top-grade dovetail joints front and back.


Most people understand that a product can only be as good as the material from which it is made.  It follows that home furnishings made from artificial, low-grade materials such as particleboard, pressed wood or MDF can sustain neither craftsmanship nor long life.  And for many years the furniture-buying public has been learning this lesson… View Article

Manderley Fine Furniture Truck Sale

At Manderley Fine Furniture in Toronto, we have been holding Stickley truckload furniture sales annually. This is a very fun and exciting event for several reasons. It is simply exciting to see a very large display of exceptional quality furniture, all in one place, at one time! Stickley is well known for its’ creation of… View Article

Stickley Limited Edition Eastwood Chair (also known as ‘The Dalai Lama Chair’)

DalaiLamaAndTheEastwoodChair In 1989 L & JG Stickley, Inc.,of Manlius, New York was commissioned by the University of Buffalo to create a custom chair for his Holiness the Dalai Lama. At that time 3 chairs were created, one of which is in the Stickley Museum in Manlius, New York. The “Stickley Dalai Lama” chair is based on… View Article

Manderley Fine Furniture is growing!

Manderley Manor Stickley Gallery In 1989 L&JG Stickley re-introduced the famous Stickley Mission line of furniture. Absent from the marketplace for many decades, the re-issuance has been one of the most successful re-launches in furniture history. At that time interest in antique Stickley pieces reached a frenzy, partly fueled by Barbra Streisand’s charity auction featuring a number of antique… View Article

Stickley & The Environment

imagesCALGT6CZ Unfortunately, as we all know the environment is increasingly becoming a concern of our times, we thought it would be important to highlight Stickley’s environmental efforts – they are truly an example to follow in the industry! Consider some of these points: Wood is at the heart of the Stickley company & Gustav Stickley was… View Article

Stickley 2013 Winter Truck Sale

We are very pleased to introduce to you our Annual Winter 2013 Truck Sale. For those unfamiliar, it is the best chance to get Stickley products at absolutely the best pricing of the year. As usual, we will have two truckloads full of beautiful Stickley furniture offered at great discounts! It is a cash &… View Article

Stickley Home Office

Working from home? Here are some thought starters: DESKS Got a small space? What would you say to an office that fits onto a space 27” wide? Work on your laptop at a Fall Front desk  from Stickley. Drop-front desks offer storage, a working surface and clean lines. When the desk is not in use,… View Article

Stickley: Why leather?

WHY LEATHER? Aside from being beautiful? Real leather is a wonderful investment in a highly cleanable, environmentally friendly, natural and a very durable product. Cleanability: Just wipe your leather furniture down with a lightly water dampened cloth to remove dirt and body oils. Every six months use a leather cleaner/protector to nourish the leather and… View Article